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How to choose a swimwear according to its morphology?

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The top part of my body is rather thin with wide hips and round buttocks..

Generally the height from your bikini or from your top is lower than that of the bottom or your pants

– Opt for a one-piece swimsuit or a strapless bikini like Inspiration Divine

– The triangular swimwear like the Eclipse is also a good alternative to render some relief to your bust. Indeed, the straight straps will give the impression that your shoulders are wider.

– If your breasts are large, an effective solution is to catch an eye on your breast. You could even dare the Lame de Fond bikini.

I have a V-shaped silhouette, rather mousy, wide shoulders and hips/buttocks.

When you buy a bikini, you generally take a top with a bigger size to that of the bottom.

– In a general way low V-necks will reduce the width of your shoulders, which is why we recommend you our Aube monokini for a deep neckline.

– If you are rather a bikini type, then opt for Or Boreal, thanks to its low-waisted panties and lace, it will give some volume to your hips through a visual effect. Then tie around the neck for refine shoulders.

My shoulders and hips are of the same width, my size is not very sharp.

You can generally take a top and bottom in the same size.

– Practically you can wear anything, your only challenge is to refine your size and draw your silhouette. Choose models with laces like Or Boreal and Lame de Fond or go for a cut and straps standard such as Inspiration Divine to highlight your femininity and sharpen your size.

My shoulders and hips are of the same width, my size is too sharp.

You too, like the H silhouette, you should buy both parts of your swimsuit in the same size.

– You have a perfect silhouette, which is the way we portray our femininity.You are very lucky to have a very wide choice and you can wear anything too.

-An Eclipse or Lame de Fond triangular style bathing suit will advance your breasts, a Or Boreal or Inspiration Divine low-waisted strapless bikini with laces will render a flat stomach, an cutout one-piece swimsuit like the Aube will lengthen your legs. It is up to you to decide what should draw attention.

We remind you that our T-shirts are not only finished with the same materials and the color like our swimsuits, but also designed to match them by their original and sexy combinations thanks to the various transparent parts of the fabric. You can wear a top for every bikini from the collection which will give it a most glamorous tankini effect.



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