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5 Fitness tips to look good in your swimsuit

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_pinterest type=””][vc_row_inner][vc_column_inner width=”1/1″][vc_custom_heading text=”A heavier diet, coupled with less physical activity, and you’re all of a sudden starting spring off with a few extra kilos.
Although they don’t stop you from putting on your winter clothes, you feel squeezed and uncomfortable in a bikini or one piece bathing suit.
Don’t panic. Here are a few tips to quickly get back in shape:
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1- A balanced and fiber-rich diet.

– Forget the Dukan, Thonon, pineapple, and soup diets that, as well as only getting you short-lived results, might cause deficiencies and food deprivation.

Instead, cut off sugar and carbohydrates for two weeks, starting by reducing starchy food and cereal intake. If you can’t go without fruits, eat them in the morning or as snacks.

With the exception of cheese, it is indispensable to keep eating food with protein (meat, fish, eggs, yogurt) to maintain your muscular mass and to avoid feeling hungry.

Most importantly, make vegetables, especially green vegetables, a priority.

– Then, gradually reintroduce other vegetables and fruits in the 3rd week. Finally, you may also allow starchy food and cheese.

– In the stabilization phase, avoid eating proteins and carbohydrates in the same meal, and you will be back in shape within a month.

2- Move and drink 1 to 1.5 L of water a day

– Walking a lot and going up the stairs when going places are the first things you must get in the habit of doing, even before doing any physical activity.

– For more athletic girls, running is an excellent way of oxygenating oneself and burning off calories while building muscle. To benefit from this maximally and sculpt your body, we recommend splitting, which is alternating between slow and fast runs during your workout.

– As soon as you’ve regained your silhouette and that you feel comfortable in a one-piece swimsuit, tankini, or bikini, swimming will conclude the program.

– For those who don’t have an affinity for jogging, find another activity that you like and, most importantly, do it regularly.

3- Prepare your psyche

– We should have started with the mind, as it is the key to success and to applying the healthy habits we must learn or continue doing.

– Be determined, ladies! Ask yourselves, “what could prevent me from holding on to this lifestyle?”, and find, in advance, the internal and external factors that you’ve encountered in the past and that have made you deviate from the way.

Ask yourselves, as well, what was efficient in the past and why it was.

– Visualize yourself in your new figure in a fashionable bikini.

4- Find a helping hand

-In order to stay on track, give yourself challenges that get people around you involved. Build your workout program with a friend who has similar objectives, and share your results once every day.

Write everything down in a journal: what you put in place and worked well, what mistakes were made and why, as well as how you’ll fix them. Which nice meal are you going to prepare tomorrow?

-On the other hand, if you are systematically deviating because you fill your stomach when you’re frustrated and facing your emotions, get help from professionals, notably coaches, dieticians, sophrologists, and acupuncturists. Find what suits you best.

5- Reward yourself

-Treat yourself every now and then with a good restaurant, or a barbecue between friends, during which you forget all about programs and objectives.

-Then, appreciate your results by wearing a new fashionable top, and a sexy swimsuit, that you wouldn’t have dared to wear a few weeks earlier.



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